What’s this all about?

Up until now, if you wanted to use fonts on a website you were limited to one of the dozen or so ‘web-safe’ fonts (Verdana, Times, Helvetica—you know, the ones you see everywhere on the web). Using other fonts required you to convert the text into images, or to use some hacky Javascript or Flash solution such as sIFR or Cufón.

In a relatively recent development, browsers which support the @font-face rule can access fonts embedded in websites, but most font companies have been reluctant to permit use of their products on the web because of the high risk of software piracy. TPTQ Arabic, however, now offers the TPTQ Arabic Web Font Service, a font-embedding system which is based on W3C standards, providing a secure, reliable way to use fonts whose files are hosted on a global network of servers (cloud hosting).