Which format to choose?

We offer fonts primarily in OpenType format. OpenType is the only cross-platform format, i.e. the same file will work on both Macintosh and Windows computers.

Furthermore, an OpenType font consists of only a single file which is more convenient to install than the two files which are required for each PostScript font.

TPTQ Arabic stopped selling PostScript fonts in 2009, and they are now available only by request. If you need to use PostScript fonts, please drop us a message with specifications of styles that you need, which style of numerals you’d like to use, and which platform they will be installed on. A single-user licence for one PostScript font is €60. A small conversion fee will be charged for creating the PostScript fonts.

Please note that PostScript fonts can access only 220 glyphs, are not compatible with Unicode, and are not compatible across platforms, so different fonts need to be made for Mac and Windows.