installing fonts

Installing fonts is the process of loading fonts on a computer so that they are available for use.

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We offer fonts primarily in OpenType format. OpenType is the only cross-platform format, i.e. the same file will work on both Macintosh and Windows computers.
If you have a problem with TPTQ Arabic fonts, try restarting your computer first. We do test our fonts rigorously, so chances are that there is a problem with font installation. If you are using a font manager and the font still doesnʼt work, try installing directly to the system instead.
If you have successfully unpacked and installed the fonts, but the fonts are still not available, try the following tips:
There have been numerous bugs in font managers such as Suitcase, FontReserve, FontAgent and FontBook, so we don’t really recommend any font management software without reservation. The most reliable way is always to install fonts directly to your system.
1. Close all open applications before installing fonts.

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