PostScript fonts

PostScript or Type 1 fonts were developed by Adobe in 1985 for use with their PostScript printers. Initially, this font technology was available only from Adobe.

PostScript has traditionally been preferred by professional designers, publishers and printers because of its reliability and the wider selection of fonts available in this format. PostScript has a clever rasterizing engine, and font hinting (screen optimization) is less important than in TrueType, since it is taken care of at the system level.

PostScript fonts consist of two parts, a bitmapped screen file, which displays the font on the computer monitor, and a printer file defining the outline curves.

PostScript fonts, which can access only 220 characters, are not compatible with Unicode, and are not compatible across platforms.

TPTQ Arabic stopped selling PostScript fonts in 2009, and they are now available only by request. If you need to use PostScript fonts, please contact us to specify which styles you need, which style of numerals you’d like to use, and which platform the fonts will be installed on. A single user licence for one PostScript font is €60. A small conversion fee will be charged for creating the PostScript fonts.