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Documentation and research that lead to design of Arabic newspaper typeface
Typeface stories · 21 March 2012 · English · 1436 words
Greta Arabic is the counterpart of Greta Sans type system. This text is a reflection on the journey of creating and developing the first Arabic type system of t...
Typeface stories · · English

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LUST design studio uses Greta Arabic in the Museum of the Future at the World Governmental Summit in Dubai.
18 February 2016
Greta Arabic is an unprecedented typeface family available in 39 styles, exploring new territories in Arabic type.
15 October 2015
We are noticing lately that our fonts are becoming popular in children's books and publications. It is particularly exciting to know our fonts feel familiar, cl...
3 March 2016
We are proud and excited to announce TPTQ Arabic, a new type foundry dedicated to developing original high-quality Arabic typefaces and systems for bi-lingual t...
15 October 2015

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The grades of Greta Text were designed for print environment and are not available for online use. Those are very subtle details in weight, and in our tests the...
... square defines the perceived type size. 1 Brioni; 2 Fedra Serif A; 3 Greta Sans; 4 Irma Text; 5 Jigsaw; 6 Greta Text; 7 Fedra Sans; 8 Nara; 9 Charli...

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After licensing a single font you can always upgrade it to a complete package, and you will never pay more than the total price of the complete package.
The service licence is a supplement to the basic licence which permits the user to supply the font software to a printer or service bureau for imaging.