Greta Arabic type system

Greta Arabic is a powerful toolbox capable of dealing with the most complex typographical situations in Arabic or Latin.

Greta Arabic Widths

Greta Sans Compressed comes in 10 weights which, combined with its four widths (Compressed, Condensed, Normal, Expanded), create a tremendous range of possibilities. Even the intervals between the styles are an integral part of this unified typeface system.

Greta Arabic weights

Most widths of Greta Arabic include 10 weights which give you precise control over the colour of the text. Choose adjacent weight to achieve an even colour, for example you can set body text in 12pt Light and notes in 7pt Regular. Skip weights if you are choosing style for the emphasis. In general, it is sufficient to adjust the weight by one degree, use SemiBold (and not Medium) to emphasise text set in Regular.

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