Here are some beautiful books and a first-of-a-kind magazine using Greta Text Arabic and Greta Arabic .

Lisanak Hisanak لسانك حصانك
Written by Fatima Sharafeddine. Illustrated by Hanane Kai.
Published by Kalimat Publishing.

Tongue Twister Lisanak Hisanak Bologna Winner cover Hanane Kai 1

A gorgeous book about tongue-twisters. Hanane uses Greta Arabic for its clarity to complement the elaborate and detailed illustrations.

“The inventive modular composition of this vibrant book combines a repeated series of simple geometrical shapes in primary colours. No exercise in abstract painting, it is an original attempt to give visual form to tongue twisters and the difficulty of pronouncing certain words very fast. Cleverly crafted juxtaposition of the images hides the words, which if pronounced wrongly, lead to an amusing jumble of the patterns.”
Jury of Bologna Children's Fair 2016.

Lisanak Hisanak Bologna Ragazzi Award

Tongue Twister Bologna New Horizon Seamless Cover illustration Hanane

Majallet Onboz مجلة قنبز
Published by Dar Onboz.


'Majallet Onboz is a interdisciplinary illustrated Arabic magazine for curious youth and thirsty adults'. It is published bi-annually; every issue covers a certain topic from different angles: science, poetry, comics, illustrations, games. Majallet Onboz team, led by Nadine Touma, said they chose Greta Arabic as the main text font of the magazine for the clarity of its forms and its ease in reading in different weights and sizes. Greta Text Arabic makes also a few appearances, beautifully combined with its low contrast counter part Greta Arabic.






Hkeyeh w Adar حكاية وآذار
Written and illustrated by Hussein Nakhal and David Habchy.
Published by Dar Onboz.


This beautiful book is an imaginative and poetic tale about the layers of Beirut and the aftermath of war through the eyes of a child. Very rich in textures and vivid in colors, David and Hussein chose Greta Text Arabic for its sculpted shapes, sharpness and high contrast to complement the crafty feel of the illustrations.





Ya Reytneh Asfour يا ريتني عصفور
Written by Najla Jraysaty Khoury. Illustrated by Leen Sharafeddine.
Published by Dar Onboz.


I wish I were a bird [Translation from Arabic] is a book of songs, poems and stories, some of which have been traveled through generations and are still relevant today. The book also includes the notation of the songs' melodies. To mirror the effect of the flat bold illustrations, Greta Text Arabic is used in bold colors and styles in large sizes.