Ordering is requesting a product to be made, supplied, or served.

An incomplete order receives a status ‘Waiting for Payment’. In this case, the client will need to attempt another order with a credit card, or transfer the funds by a bank transfer. In either case, no money will be charged automatically, so if client takes no action, such order will...
We accept PayPal. Send funds to paypal at typotheque dot com. This is not our payment method of choice, so use it only if you have troubles with bank transfer or credit cards.
Sometimes a valid order attempt is refused by Adyen, our credit card processing company. This happens especially to our US-based clients. The bank that issued the card is trying to protect the customer (you) by blocking the card when it is used overseas.
In some rare cases we issue discount codes. If you have a discount code, enter it on the Confirmation page before checking out.
We issue PDF invoices for all orders. Copies of the invoices are stored in your account, and you can print them at any time. If you require a paper invoice from us, let us know. If you require the invoice in a different language, you can change the settings in...
Downloaded fonts are not returnable. If a font is defective and you notify us within 30 days, we will provide a replacement.
Because of security limits, we can only process online orders for a maximum of €3,499.99. If you need to order products for more than €3,499.99, you can either split up the order into smaller ones, or request an invoice and pay by direct bank transfer.
TPTQ Arabic offers volume discounts on larger font orders. When you select a complete package of our fonts, the price is significantly lower than when you buy the same fonts separately.
Fonts purchased online are licensed to the buyer, who has of course read the End User License Agreement and agreed to the licensing conditions. You canʼt buy a font on someone elseʼs behalf; the end user must buy it directly.  When orders are processed, personalised licence agreements specifying the licensing...
TPTQ Arabic works only with one font distributor FontShop, but they only sell TPTQ Arabicʼs older typefaces in PostScript and TrueType formats. If you need the fonts in OpenType, or if you need the latest typefaces, you can get them directly from TPTQ Arabic.
A company registered in the EU can avoid paying the 21% Dutch VAT tax by providing its VAT number in the information in its account.
As a company registered in the Netherlands, TPTQ Arabic is obligated to charge Value Added Tax (VAT) on our sales and services within the European Union (EU). If your billing address is outside of the EU, we donʼt charge the VAT.
Fonts are software, which means that everyone who uses them needs to have a licence. If a designer is making a poster for a client, it is the designer (end user), not the client, who needs to buy a font licence.
Choose a typeface you would like to purchase and click on the blue Buying options button on its page. You will be offered the option to select individual typefaces or complete packages, and in some cases a choice of Pro or Std fonts.
TPTQ Arabic works with two shipping partners: Dutch Postal Service (operated by TNT), and UPS. Dutch post is generally cheaper, but has longer shipping times and does not provide live parcel tracking. UPS offers several shipping options, all of which offer tracking and insurance.