Fedra Sans Arabic

Design concept

This is a new version of Fedra Arabic completely redrawn and remastered, featuring new styles and weights. Fedra Arabic takes into consideration the contemporary uses of Arabic type and offers a pragmatic solution for multilingual typesetting. Fedra Arabic is inspired by handwriting but combines the simplicity of written letterforms with the more traditionally used forms of printed book type. Read more about the process of updating Fedra Arabic.

fedra sans arabic

Sans & Serif

Although the notion of Sans and Serif doesn’t exist in Arabic typography, we created two different packages for Fedra Sans and Serif. Obviously only the Latin characters are serrifed or not; Arabic glyphs have higher contrast between the thick and thin strokes, and more detailed end strokes. The ‘Sans’ version has lower contrast of letterforms. Both versions have been carefully redrawn without losing the original characteristics of the design — sturdiness, contemporaneity and directness.

sans serif


Fedra Sans Arabic is available in five styles: Light, Book, Demi, Medium and Bold. The Italics are not available in this version, should you need it, you'll need to get Fedra Sans Std. A completely new weight — Light — has been created to match the structure of the already published font family.

Fedra Arabic Sans styles


Fedra Arabic was designed by Peter Biľak in 2005, with consulting by Tarek Atrissi, and first version released in 2007. Kristyan Sarkis drew the missing Light version. In 2015, Bahman Eslami has remastered all Fedra Arabic fonts under the direction of Kristyan Sarkis.