An account is the registration of your contact details and preferences which allows you to manage communications, orders and upgrades.

To delete an account, log in to the account you want to delete. Go to Account Settings, and click Delete my account.
Yes, you can change the billing details at any time. Log in to your Account, and go to My Webfonts. Click on the tab Users, and enter the email address of the new user. The new user must have a TPTQ Arabic account with this email address.
Your confirmation email from might have been blocked by your spam filter and may have been placed in your spam folder.
If you have received a code for a free font download, you can redeem it directly online. You will need to create an account before downloading the fonts.
If, at any time after creating an account, or signing up for our mailing list, you change your mind about receiving information from us, you can simply unsubscribe from the mailing list. If you have a TPTQ Arabic online account simply log in to your account, and update your preferences.
If you'd like to cancel the monthly webfonts subscription, simply log in to your account, go to My Webfonts, and either Disable, or Delete the active project. Alternatively, you can keep it Active, setting the Monthly Budget to 0 Euro (in Stats).
You can ask to receive copies of Typotheque specimens. To do so, you will need to create a user account. If you have received Typotheque specimens in the past, or you are already a Typotheque customer, you have an existing account with us.
If you accidentally created more than one account and you would like to merge them into one, you can do it by going to Account Settings and clicking Merge accounts. 
If you would like to receive free type specimens from TPTQ Arabic, go to your account, open your Account Settings and click the Send me the free printed type specimen checkbox. Note that it may take several weeks to receive your specimen, as we do mailings only four or five...
At any time, you can choose to stop receiving our email newsletter, or change your mailing preferences for printed type specimens. Simply log in to your account, and update your preferences.
If you have previously purchased something on our website or have received type specimens from us, you already have an account with us. In that case, you donʼt need to create a new account, only update the existing one. If you donʼt remember your login details, send us a message.
TPTQ Arabic uses Adyen for payment processing. Although the order is prepared on our website, the payment takes place on the Adyen website, which is secure. To make sure all your data is absolutely secure, we only store a special token, not an actual card information.
TPTQ Arabic provides free backup of your fonts via your account. Anytime you want, you can log in, go to My Fonts and download the fonts you have licensed.
We issue an electronic invoice for every order. You can access these PDF invoices at any time in your account. If you require a paper copy of the invoice, do get in touch.
TPTQ Arabic doesnʼt have access to usersʼ passwords. If you have lost or forgotten your account password, you can generate a new one. Simply click on Login and Forgot Password.
Once a year we sent all registered users an email to ask you to confirm or update your mailing address. Simply click a button, and your account will be updated. If you received a reminder to do the update and you think you have updated the account already, contact us.
Log in to your account with your old email address, and update your contact information.
We canʼt release fonts to users who haven’t agreed to the Typotheque EULA and bought a licence. We understand that it is difficult to make a decision as to whether a given typeface is suitable for your particular needs, which is why we offer several ways to preview and test...