Nearly 10 years after its creation Fedra Arabic is being rereleased, completely redrawn and remastered, featuring new styles and weights.

Fedra Arabic Sans styles Fedra Arabic Serif styles

Originally, Fedra Arabic was designed to work with both the Serif and Sans version of Fedra Latin, and a lot of compromises had to be made to make it useable with both fonts. We asked Bahman Eslami to create two separate versions of Fedra Arabic, one with higher contrast (to work with Fedra Serif), and another with lower contrast (to work with Fedra Sans). Both have been carefully redrawn without losing the original characteristics of the design — sturdiness, contemporaneity and directness.

Serifs of course do not exist in Arabic typography, and we struggled with names for these two different styles and considered many different options since it seemed arrogant to apply foreign terms to Arabic script. In the end however, since we were creating Arabic counterparts to established Latin fonts already known as Fedra Sans and Fedra Serif, we decided, somewhat reluctantly, to keep the names as they are. Read more about the process of updating Fedra Arabic.

fedra serif arabic

A completely new weight was also created for Fedra Sans Arabic, and the in-between versions were interpolated.

fedra sans arabic