Pricing determines how much must be paid in exchange for products.

Broadcast On Television Cable Or The Internet; Feature Movies, Film. Broadcast and Film Usage refers to the use of the Font Software in titling, credits for any on-screen broadcast via television, or motion picture titling.
TPTQ Arabic offers volume discounts on larger font orders, and when several packages are ordered at the same time.
Information about multiple-user licence pricing of TPTQ Arabic font software. With the Multiple-User License, you can cover additional font users for a fraction of the regular price.
Licensing information for font licensing in eBooks, video games, computer hardware (OEM), software developers (ISV), and other commercial products.
Font Licensing Options: Basic End User Licence, multiple-user licence, Service Licence, World-wide licence, Webfont Service Licence, Broadcasting License, Font Embedding for Software and Hardware developers, Print & Web Licence, Web Licence
The corporate license allows the installation and use of the fonts for an unlimited number of users within one legal entity.
The service licence is a supplement to the basic licence which permits the user to supply the font software to a printer or service bureau for imaging.