An invoice is a commercial document issued by seller to buyer, indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services.

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Yes, you can change the billing details at any time. Log in to your Account, and go to My Webfonts. Click on the tab Users, and enter the email address of the new user. The new user must have a TPTQ Arabic account with this email address.
Sometimes a valid order attempt is refused by Adyen, our credit card processing company. This happens especially to our US-based clients. The bank that issued the card is trying to protect the customer (you) by blocking the card when it is used overseas.
We issue an electronic invoice for every order. You can access these PDF invoices at any time in your account. If you require a paper copy of the invoice, do get in touch.
As a company registered in the Netherlands we list all prices and issue all invoices in Euros. For your convenience there is an option to display product prices in other currencies. These converted prices are for your information only; the invoice will be issued in Euros.
We issue PDF invoices for all orders. Copies of the invoices are stored in your account, and you can print them at any time. If you require a paper invoice from us, let us know. If you require the invoice in a different language, you can change the settings in...