A discount is a reduction to the price of goods or services.

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If you have received a code for a free font download, you can redeem it directly online. You will need to create an account before downloading the fonts.
In some rare cases we issue discount codes. If you have a discount code, enter it on the Confirmation page before checking out.
TPTQ Arabic offers volume discounts on larger font orders. When you select a complete package of our fonts, the price is significantly lower than when you buy the same fonts separately.
The main variables that affect the price of a font are: the number of selected styles, number of users, and selected format. For example, our OpenType Std fonts are €90 per style, while OpenType Pro fonts are €120 per style (for single-user licenses).

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TPTQ Arabic offers volume discounts on larger font orders, and when several packages are ordered at the same time.