custom fonts

Custom fonts are those designed (modified or completely new) specifically for an organisation, often for branding purposes.

Software applications which do not support OpenType layout features (check which software does support OTF features) can only display the default forms of letters and numbers. TPTQ Arabic fonts designed for small sizes usually use Old Style figures, while fonts designed for headlines use Lining figures.
In specific cases we can customise our fonts. For example: if a certain font is perfect for your situation, but you require a different letter ʻgʼ or ʻ&ʼ glyph, TPTQ Arabic can design and implement alternatives based on your needs.
TPTQ Arabic has more than 15 years of experience in designing custom type. Custom type may include modifications of our retail fonts, creation of different language versions of our fonts (Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, etc), or entirely new fonts made to fit your needs.
We donʼt allow others to modify our fonts, but we are open to user requests and can customise our fonts for you for a reasonable fee. Please contact us for details.