testing fonts

Testing fonts is the process of testing the suitabilty of fonts in print and on screen through online testing, printing sample PDFs and reviewing printed specimens.

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Every Typotheque font comes with a PDF presentation, so download it to better evaluate our fonts.
Yes, in addition to Print & Web and Web licenses, we also offer a Web Trial Licence, which gives you a bandwidth limit of 50MB and 30 days to evaluate the fonts. After 30 days or 50 MB (whichever comes first), you will be prompted to upgrade to a Web...
We canʼt release fonts to users who haven’t agreed to the Typotheque EULA and bought a licence. We understand that it is difficult to make a decision as to whether a given typeface is suitable for your particular needs, which is why we offer several ways to preview and test...

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TPTQ Arabic type foundry offers users several ways to test our fonts online, or you can request a printed type specimens to see it in fine print.