End User

An End User is the person who uses a product (the end-user or consumer may differ from the person who purchases the product).

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If you have received a code for a free font download, you can redeem it directly online. You will need to create an account before downloading the fonts.
As a licensed user of TPTQ Arabic fonts you can use the fonts for all your projects as long as you comply with the licence agreement. TPTQ Arabic offers various font licences for various applications. There is no limit to the media used; you can use the fonts in print,...
Please read our End User Licence Agreement - it is a legally binding document. The main points of the licence are:
Fonts are software, which means that everyone who uses them needs to have a licence (EULA). If a designer is doing graphics work for a client, it is the designer (end user), not the client, who needs to buy a font licence.
Like most software, fonts come with terms of use called an End User Licence Agreement (EULA). Each software developer has its own terms of use, and its EULA specifies what is and is not allowed when using the fonts.

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TPTQ Arabic Webfont Service Licence Agreement, for server hosted web fonts using @font-face declaration.
TPTQ Arabic End User Licence Agreement for Font Software