Banking information

If you cannot pay by credit card, the best alternative is to set up a direct bank transfer. Fees for bank transfers within the European Union are minimal, provided you have the IBAN and BIC number of the recipients. Even if you are making the transfer from outside of Europe, this is still the most cost-effective option.

Please make bank transfers only after placing an order and communicating directly with us. Never send money to our account without first getting an invoice. Thanks.

Here are the numbers you will need to make a direct bank transfer:

IBAN code: NL04 INGB 0006 7827 70

Occasionally you might need further details to set up a direct bank transfer; in this case please use this extra information:

TPTQ Arabic BV
Koningsplein 12
2518 JE Den Haag

VAT number: NL 8609 9428 4B01
Chamber of commerce registration: 77394348

Address of the bank:
ING Bank
Spui 59
2511 BL Den Haag
+31 20 228 8888